Barking Dog Alarm

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This advanced alarm system uses radar technology to detect motion through doors, walls, or windows up to 4" thick. When an intruder approaches your door, it begins to bark like a large German Shepherd. If the motion continues, the barking becomes more frequent and more threatening. It's range and loudness can be controlled by setting sensitive and volume controls. It plugs into a standard 110 VAC outlet or it can be powered by by 8 AA batteries during a power outage. Batteries are not included.
Great for Homes, RVs, offices, factories, or warehouses. It can be used outdoors to keep wildlife away, but must be protected from the weather.
This barking dog alarm has a realistic sound. It's well known that prowlers will avoid
homes that have a dog. Testing shows that it's so realistic, it will cause other dogs in the area to start barking.
Electronic Watch Dog
Barking Dog Alarm Remote Control
Includes a handy remote control to arm and disarm the alarm from a distance.
Also has a panic function to use in an emergency. 
A CR2032 battery is included. 
Barking Dog Alarm
Set it to sound like an angry dog when it detects an intruder on the other side of your door, or set it to chime when it detects visitors approaching.
 AL18  Barking Dog Alarm
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Approx. 6"x 7"x 4"
2 Lbs, 12oz  Weight
 Registered by the state of Minnesota
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