Programmable Motion Sensor

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This device will protect doorways, hallways, or rooms in your house or office.
Only those persons who know the security code that has been set can enter without sounding the 110db Siren Alarm. It detects motion up to 30' in a 120º viewing angle. The programmable motion sensor includes a 10 second entry delay and a 30 second exit delay and has a low battery indicator. When motion is detected while it is armed, it will sound the alarm for 60 seconds and then automatically reset itself. If motion continues to be detected, the alarm will sound for another 60 seconds and then reset. 
Can be free standing or mounted to a wall. Operates on 4 AA batteries, not included
AL26  Programmable Motion Sensor Alarm  Regular Price $19.95  Special Price  $14.95
BAA  AA Alkaline Battery $1.50
Security Decal
Includes a warning decal.
Approx. 2½" x  5" x 1"
8oz Packaged Weight
Programmable Motion Alarm
 Registered by the state of Minnesota
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