Talking Car Alarm

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The talking car alarm senses shock and electrical current. When armed it will detect someone tampering with your car and warn the intruder in a stern voice.
When it senses repeated or heavy shocks, the voice shouts a warning, then the 127db siren sounds for 30 seconds. It has an instant panic feature with a woman's voice screaming for help and a car finder mode that chirps to help you find your car in a crowded parking lot. It's sensitivity is set by striking your car to set the shock threshold. Once set, any impact greater than the threshold you set will activate the alarm. It can also be operated in non-talking mode using a siren for an alarm and chirps for confirmation.
Talking Car Alarm
AL48 Talking Car Alarm  $69.95
Special Offer.  $54.95 each when you purchase 2 or more
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Talking Messages
System Armed
System Disarmed
Please Adjust Sensor Now
Thank You
You are Too Close to the Vehicle, Please Move Away
I was Tampered With  (shout)
Please Help Me 
Made in America
It's  simple to install. Just mount the car alarm anywhere under the hood with the three metal screws provided, then clip the power cord to the battery.
Talking Car Alarm
No False Alarms
Instant Panic Protection
Dual Stage Shock Sensor
Current Sensing
Battery Backup
7-Talking Messages
Adjustable Sensitivity
45 Second Exit Delay
Car Finder Function
Includes 1 Remote Control
Lifetime Manufacture's Ltd Guarantee
Toll Free Help Line
 Registered by the state of Minnesota
Validated by 
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Dunn and Bradstreet
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