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Child Messenger is the most innovative, advanced technology available to help you keep track of your child's location in a crowded public environment. Whenever your child strays more than 15 feet from your side, the Kid messenger will alert you with a gentle beeping alarm. The Child Messenger has rechargeable batteries and a recharger that keeps them fresh. When you are ready to use the Child Messenger, remove the child and parent units from the base. They will become immediately activated and begin to blink to show that they are in communication. The child unit has a specially designed safety pin integrated into the back of the unit to firmly attach to the child's clothing. The parent's unit has a mute button to silence the beeping when the child is going out of range with your knowledge. Use to protect other items of value such as your luggage, purse, pets, or coat.
Child Messenger
AL49  Child Messenger
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Child Messenger
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