Mace Brand Screecher

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Mace Screecher
The Mace Brand Sonic Screecher products a 125dB high pitched Sonic Blast that can frighten muggers, intruders, and nasty dogs. It's shriek can be heard up to 1/4 mile away and is easily recognized as an emergency signal for help. The Screecher is a pressurized gas canister that is light weight and small enough to carry in your pocket or purse. Each canister contains enough pressure for 30 short blasts.
Volume Discount
15% off the sale price when buying 6 or more Screecher Alarms
off the sale price when buying 12 or more  Screecher Alarms
Additional Discounts at volumes of 25 and 100
AL60 Screecher $7.99
 Registered by the state of Minnesota
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Dunn and Bradstreet
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