Motion Sensor with Auto Dialer

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    Program this alarm to dial up to three phone numbers and play a six second message that you have recorded when it detects an intruder. For example, it could be set to call the police, your neighbor, and your cell phone, then announce an intruder has been detected in my home at 123 Main Street. Or set it to call only your cell phone to notify you when a family member arrives home or an employee opens your business.
    It can be set to sound a powerful 125dB alarm when it detects an intruder, or it can be set to silent mode where it dials the phone number without the alarm. It is armed and disarmed using the keyboard to enter your secret security code that you have programmed. When armed, only those who know the secret code can pass through the alarm's 20 foot by 90ยบ protected area without activating the alarm and dialer mechanism.    

It includes a phone line splitter so that it can share an outlet with your telephone, six feet of phone cord, and two warning decals. It requires 4 AAA batteries that are not included. It features an entry and exit delay to avoid false alarms.  It is simple to set up; can be ready to use in minutes.
Motion Detector with Dialer
AL63  Motion Detector with Auto Dialer  $25.95
BAAA  AAA Alkaline Battery $1.50
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Works with any analog phone. 
Does not work with digital phones
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