Volume Alarm

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Volume Alarm
Detects a change in Air Pressure
The volume alarm will detect a window or door opening in your home, business, hotel room, or dorm. It can protect an area up to 1000 square feet. When it detects a change in air pressure, it sounds an alarm for 60 seconds and then resets itself and will sound the alarm again if it detects another change in air pressure. 
This unit has three sensitivity settings that you can set to best protect the size and configuration of your room.
It Operates on two AAA batteries, not included. Typically, the batteries will last about 500 hours of continuous standby use. If they run low, a warning beep will sound indicating it is time to change them.
Volume Alarm
It has a 3 position sensitivity switch and an on/off switch. 
volumetric Alarm
Only 2.5 inches tall, small enough to fit in your hand. Use the cord to hang it anywhere convenient in your room or remove the cord and set it on a flat surface.
AL70  Volume Alarm  12.95
Special Offer:   15% off the purchase of 6 or more.
BAAA  AAA Batteries  1.50 ea.
Unlike a Motion Detector, it's unaffected by the movement of people or pets.
To operate, the doors and windows in the house or room need to be closed. Even if your space is not well sealed, if placed near a door, it will still detect the air pressure wave caused by the door opening. 
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