Stun Batons

Stun batons are preferred by security professionals. We sell them to security guards, night watchmen, night club bouncers, and body guards. They are an intimidating weapon, and when they are not concealed, they can help avoid confrontations. We have full size stun batons and miniature stun batons. Stun batons that expand and stun batons that have a light.
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How a Stun Baton Works
      A Stun Baton works on the same principle as a stun gun, but it allows you to keep more distance from your attacker. To use a stun baton, stick the electrodes against the attacker and press the trigger. Unlike a stun gun, where your strategy is to hold the gun against your attacker until he is subdued, using a stun baton will cause the attacker to jump away when stunned. Continue to stick and stun, forcing the attacker to back away until he flees or falls. Again, unlike a stun gun, a full size stun baton will give you a better chance defending yourself against a knife attack.

    Most of our stun batons have electrodes in the shaft that will prevent an attacker from taking it away from you during a struggle. If the attacker grips the shaft, just press the trigger. No one can hold on to the shaft while they are being stunned. You can also deliver a jolt to an attacker by holding the shaft against his body. Our stun batons are made of military grade aluminum or durable hard plastic, giving you additional protection when used as a club.
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Stun Baton Selection

Stun Baton

$38.95 each
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Mini Stun Baton

$23.95 each
regular price $39.95

 Stun Rod

$29.95 each
regular price $39.95

 7 Million

Night Stick

$29.95 each

6 Million 

$29.95 each
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 Police Force Tactical Stun Flashlight

$29.95 each

 Barbarian 9 Million Stun Baton

$39.95 each

 9 Million Police Force Stun Baton

$35.95 each
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