Products to protect yourself while camping in the great outdoors
D&D Seucrity Products
When camping, or hiking in the wilderness,
protect yourself from bears and other dangerous animals with pepper spray.
The Magnum Pepper Spray model has 16oz of 17% OC Pepper Spray. We have a 9oz Mace Bear Spray and a 4oz Mace Outdoor Fogger. There is a Mace Jogger Pepper Spray to use when you hike or run, and Mace Muzzle designed for protection against dogs. 
When pepper spray is sprayed in the face, it causes restricted breathing and temporary blindness, with no lasting effects.
Recommended by the US Park Service.
Portable Motion Detectors
Protect your campsite from night time prowlers with one or more of these small portable motion detectors. Set them near your tent, or food storage. When any motion is detected up to 30 feet away, a 130db alarm is activated.
The Mace Sensor Light will activate a gentle soft illumination when it detects motion and turns itself off 15 seconds after you leave. It has a daylight sensor so that it will only work in the dark and can scan a 6 meter (19') range at 90º.
Mini Motion Detector
Personal Alarms
Key Alert Alarm
A personal alarm is a must when hiking or camping in the wilderness. They can help others find you when you are lost or injured.
These Personal Alarm has a 130db siren that is activated when the pin attached to a wrist strap is pulled. It is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand and has a clip to attach to your belt or pants. The Key Alert has a  120dB siren and a light to help find your way in the dark. The Screecher alarm by Mace is a pressurized canister that can be heard 1/4 mile away. Use it to signal for help or ward off animals.
Dynamo Solar Radio & Flashlight
The Dynamo Solar Radio Flashlight is powered by turning a foldaway hand crank. It can also use sunlight to generate power. Even if your batteries are dead, you will still have an emergency radio and flashlight. As an added convenience it can also be powered by standard AA batteries or a 12VDC Adapter (not included). It performs three separate functions and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The flashlight will allow you to see clearly at night or during a power outage. In an emergency, the siren and flashing light can be used to summon help. The AM/FM radio has a built-in speaker and the telescopic antenna provides great reception for listening to music, sports, news, or official emergency broadcasts.
Insect and Snake Bite Protection
Bee Sting
This is a compact 65,000 volt Stun Gun that fits in the palm of your hand. Only 4" by 2".
It has a clip to attach to a belt or pocket and operates on one 9 volt alkaline battery. Low voltage stun guns are often used as treatment for insect and snake bites. Electrical current flowing through the wound neutralizes the venom by breaking down the venom molecules.