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From the makers of the CLUB comes the Door Club.
The Door Club is brass plated and made from solid steel. It can withstand over one ton of force. Use it to brace a door completely shut or set it to allow the door to partially open so visitors can be viewed with confidence and security. The Door Club comes complete with all the hardware needed to secure any door in your home, apartment, cabin, etc. It installs in minutes with a few common household tools. 
Door Club
Prevent your door from being kicked in or your security chain being cut
Kick the Door
Saw the Door Lock
   Kit Includes
Door Club Lock
Door Kick Plate
Floor Plate
Door Club Caddy
Floor Insert
Wood Screws
Door Club
Includes Case Hardened Security screws to reinforce door hinges and the dead bolt strike plate
New Introductory Price
Door Club  $19.95
regularly $29.95
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