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It looks identical to a 10 year old can of paint. To be even more realistic, it is rusted, stained and dented just like every other old can of paint in your garage. The only thing that is missing is some dried paint spilled on the lid, but you can add that yourself.

It is exactly the same size as a quart of paint and weights the same as a partially full can.

A garage is an ideal place to hide valuables. Burglars will avoid a garage because there is seldom anything of value small enough to carry off.
The bottom screws off providing access to a clean water proof compartment large enough for a roll of bills and jewelry.
Diversion Safe
Diversion Safe
GA78  Paint Can Safe  $15.95
Interviews with reformed burglars reveal that when a burglar enters a home, their objective is to find money or valuables as quickly as possible and get out. On the average, they stay less than six minutes. They will rifle through bedroom dresser draws, top shelves of closets, desk draws, cookie jars, anything locked that can be easily broken, and they will look in the freezer and under the mattress. The best place for a diversion safe is where they are expected to be found. For this safe, keep it in your garage, workshop, tool shed, or where ever other paint cans are kept. 
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