Heavy Hitter

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Heavy Hitter
 This weapon is a solid aluminum bat with a knurled handle for a sure grip and a powerful LED light. It is 16" long and weighs a little more than a pound.  Use it as a flashlight to find your way in the dark and discourage would-be attackers. Use it to break bones if you have to defend yourself.
GA94  Heavy Hitter  $24.95
Heavy Hitter
The LED light is rated at 200 Lumens, more than enough to temporarily blind and disorient an attacker when shined directly in the eyes.
A rubber button on the end of the club is a three function switch. It selects two light power levels, medium and intense, and also selects a blinking strobe mode that will further disorient an attacker.
It operates on 4 AA batteries which are included. When using medium light, the batteries last 20 hours, and 8 hours using the high intensity setting.
A detachable wrist strap is also included.
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