Dead Bolt Secure

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Dead Bolt Secure
Simple to install, takes only a minute
Does not allow the dead bolt to be turned from the outside with a key
 With the the dead bolt secure in place, the dead bolt lock can not be unlocked. You can feel safe inside knowing that someone with the correct key, a master key, or lock pick, can not open your door. When you want to prevent the dead bolt from turning, simply lower the lever on the dead bolt secure. 
dead bolt secure
dead bolt secure
GA95  Dead Bolt Secure  $5.95
Lower the lever to prevent the lock from turning, raise it to unlock the door.
                    To install:
1. Loosen the two screws on your dead bolt plate.

2. Slide the two semi circular plates under the dead bolt plate

3. Turn the lock to the locked position.

4. Lower the lever on the Dead Bolt Secure and rotate the assembly so that it blocks the lock from being turned.

5. Tighten the screws.
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