Spy and Security

On this page you will find many unique items offered by D&D Security Products that enhance your safety and security. Some of the products on this page may be used as a weapon to protect yourself from an assailant, while other products are useful in an emergency or will protect your property or identity. 
First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit
This First Aid Kit has everything you would likely need in an emergency.
Keep one in your home, garage, and car. Put one in your luggage when you
travel. Ideal gift for friends and family. 
  • Adhesive Bandage Strips (5)
  • Adhesive Bandage - Large
  • Antiseptic Wipe
  • Auto Distress Flag
  • Cotton Balls
  • First Aid Cream (2)
  • First Aid Kit Instruction Card
  • Latex Gloves
  • Mouth Rescue Breather
  • Adhesive Bandage - Medium (2)
  • Safety Road Flare
  • Unique Soft-Pak Case
GA01 First Aid Kit  $14.95
Road Side Emergency Kit
Road Side Emergency Kit
A 31 piece Roadside Emergency Kit is an ideal gift for someone who travels at night or in dangerous weather.

The kit includes
Booster Cable, Work Gloves, Tire Pressure Gauge, Flat Head and Phillips Screw Driver, Electrical Tape, Slip Joint Pliers Nut Driver with 10 attachments, Assorted Electrical Terminals and Fuses, and Hard Shell Carrying Case.
Spring Sale
GA16  Road Side Emergency Kit
Special Spring Sale    $12.95
Counterfeit Detector Pen
Counterfeit Detector
Counterfeit Money Detector Pen  Don't run the risk of accepting a bogus bill? The counterfeit detector pen uses a specially formulated chemical that instantly detects fake currency. Simply press the tip of the pen to the bill. A gold dot indicates a real bill, but a dark brown or black dot means the bill may be counterfeit.
GA02 Counterfeit Detector Pen  $5.95
Telephone Reordering Device
Phone Recorder device
The Telephone Recording Device is simple to use. A two way socket is provided so that the Telephone Recording Device can
be plugged into the same outlet as your phone. The other end of the Telephone Recording Device plugs into the microphone jack
of any standard tape recorder.  No batteries are required. Instructions with illustrations are included.
GA23 Telephone Recorder Device      regularly 19.95
Close Out Sale Price 9.95
Close out sales are final.  No returns accepted unless defective when received.
Voice Changer
Delux Voice Changer
New and Improved
The Premium Telephone Voice Changer connects directly to your telephone. It works with any phone that has a detachable head set. It comes with a standard coiled telephone cord to connect to the phone and a socket to plug in the cord from the head set. It has 8 different pitch settings that make a female voice sound like a male and a male voice sound like a female. It has a switch to turn off the voice changer for normal conversation. It has an amplifier with a volume control that amplifies the incoming voice. It operates on 3 AA batteries (not included) and it has a connector for an optional 6 VDC adapter.
GA07 Premium Telephone Voice Changer
Spring Sale
Special Spring Sale   $32.95
BAA  AA Alkaline Batteries  $1.50
Detecta Mark  Anti Theft Set
The Detecta Mark is a stylish stainless steel ball point pen and ultra violet flashlight. The pen uses permanent ink that can only be seen under ultra violet light.
Now You See It
Now You Don't
GA34 Detecta Mark  $4.95
Writing is Visible under UV Light
Writing is Invisible
The Detecta Mark Anti-Theft Set includes a combination pen / flashlight, an extra pen refill, and 3 extra LR-41 batteries.
Leaves a Permanent Mark to Identify your Belongings.
Secretly Mark Valuables so that they can be identified if stolen and recovered.   Write Secret Messages.
The Door Club
Door Club
Door Club
From the makers of the CLUB comes the Door Club.
The Door Club is brass plated and made from solid steel. It can withstand over one ton of force. Use it to brace a door completely shut or set it to allow the door to partially open so visitors can be viewed with confidence and security. The Door Club comes complete with all the hardware needed to secure any door in your home, apartment, cabin, etc. It installs in minutes with a few common household tools. 
   Kit Includes
Door Club Lock
Door Kick Plate
Floor Plate
Door Club Caddy
Floor Insert
Wood Screws
Kick the Door
Saw the Door Lock
Prevent your door from being kicked in or your security chain being cut
Includes Case Hardened Security screws to reinforce door hinges and the dead bolt strike plate
New Introductory Price
Door Club  $19.95
regularly $29.95
Instruction Sheets
Page 1
Page 2
Key Chain Voice Changer
Key Chain Telephone Voice Changer
The Key Chain Voice Changer is a small device that can be held in your hand and is easy to use. Just hold it against the mouth piece of the telephone and talk into it as you would the phone. It has an on-off button and a button to increase or decrease the pitch of your voice. The Key Chain Voice Changer can be used with a regular telephone, a cell phone or wireless phone. It includes a CR2032 battery which will work for up to 12 hours.
GA13 Key Chain Telephone Voice Changer  $19.95
Volume Discount
15% off on the purchase of 6 or more Key Chain Voice Changers
20% off on the purchase of 12 or more Key Chain Voice Changers
Diversion Safe
Diversion Safe
It looks identical to a can of Ginger Ale. It's exactly the same size and weight as a full can and it has a stay-on tab like an actual beverage can. But it's a safe for your money and valuables.
Diversion Safe
The top screws off providing access to a compartment large enough for a roll of bills and jewelry.
GA27  Diversion Safe  $9.95
Diversion Safe
Interviews with reformed burglars reveal that when a burglar enters a home, their objective is to find money or valuables as quickly as possible and get out. On the average, they stay less than six minutes. They will rifle through bedroom dresser draws, top shelves of closets, desk draws, cookie jars, anything locked that can be easily broken, and they will look in the freezer and under the mattress. The best place for a diversion safe is where they are expected to be found. For this safe, keep it in your pantry or kitchen cupboard where other beverage cans are kept. 
Ballistic Baton
Balistic Baton
This is a solid steel baton that expands to either 16, 21, or 26 inches with just the flick of the wrist. They come with a foam covered handle for easy gripping and a heavy-duty nylon holster for easy carrying.
GA52 26 Inch Baton  $21.95
GA51P 21 Inch Baton Pink  $19.95
GA51 21 Inch Baton  $18.95
GA50 16 Inch Baton  $15.95
Volume Discount
15% off on the purchase of 6 or more Ballistic Batons
Steel Baton
Available in Pink
Baton Retracted
Steel Baton Extended
Pink Steel Baton
Dog Repeller
Dog Repeller
GA04 Dog Repeller   18.95
Add one Dynamo Solar Radio to your shopping cart
The Dog Repeller generates a strong Ultrasonic sound that can be heard by dogs but not humans. To discourage an approaching dog, point the Dog Repeller directly at the dog and press the button. A distance of 5 to 6 feet is the optimum operating distance, but the Dog Repeller is effective up to 20 feet away. Pressing the button for a few seconds will stop most dogs from coming closer.
The Dog Repeller is also a great training aid when used with verbal commands and positive feedback.
A red LED light is your assurance the Dog Repeller is working and the batteries are fresh. It uses a 9 volts alkaline batteries, not included. 
Volume Discount
15% off on the purchase of 6 or more Dog Repellers
20% off on the purchase of 12 or more Dog Repellers
Digital Video Recorders
Watch DVR
Alarm Clock DVR
GA42 Pen DVR  $49.95
GA43 Alarm Clock DVR  $69.95
GA44 Watch DVR  $69.95
Add one Pen DVR to your shopping cart
It looks and writes like an ordinary pen, but is able to record up to 2 hours of video in 640x480 format or take still pictures in 1280x1024 format. To download the images to your computer, plug it directly into an open USB port. Included is an AC adapter to re-charged the lithium battery.  
This inconspicuous digital alarm clock can secretly record 240 minutes of audio and video in 640x480 AVI format or still pictures in 1280x960 JPG format. It has a motion sensor so that it only records when there is action saving battery life and memory. It has a remote control that can be operated up to 60 feet away. With the driver included, it can be used as a web camera. Included is a removable 4GB microSD memory card upgradable to 32GB.  The USB cable is used to download the video to your computer and charge the alarm clock battery.
Looks and functions like an ordinary wrist watch, but also can record 1280x720p AVI, or 1600x1200 still pictures. It's built-in 4GB of memory allows up to 1 hour of video or 10,000 pictures. It has a rechargeable battery that allows 2 hours use between charges. Also included is an AV cable for viewing videos on a television, and a USB cable for downloading data or pictures to your computer. It has a genuine leather band and is waterproof.
It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of all State, Local and Federal laws regarding secret video surveillance before using any of these products.
1,200KV Lightning Rod Stun Pen
Lightning Rod stun pen
The Lightning Rod Stun Pen and Flash Light is the most powerful Stun Pen available. Only 7 inches long. Small enough to carry in your hand or use the holster to wear it on your belt.
Stun Pen that fits in your hand
Stun Pen that attaches to your belt
The Lightning Rod Stun Pen includes a Bright LED Flashlight, safety switch, holster, protective cap, and recharging Cord It has the visible spark and sound of stun gun that will intimidate an attacker and 1,200,000 volts to stop an attacker. The built-in LED flashlight provides a convenient source of light whenever you need it and eliminates the need to carry a bulky flashlight.
SG77  Lightning Rod   $39.95
Volume Discount
15% off on the purchase of 6 or more Lightning Rods
20% off on the purchase of 12 or more Lightning Rods
Additional Discounts at volumes of 25 and 100
Light Pen Cord
The Lightning Rod Stun Pen is rechargeable. Using the recharging cord provided, plug it into any standard wall socket.
Sliding Door Stopper
Sliding Door Stopper
The Sliding Door Stopper fits in the door track to prevent the door from opening from the outside. It comes with two small extensions that are used to allow the door to open a little for fresh air, but not enough for anyone to enter or exit. The door stopper has four adjustable lengths; 29", 30.25", 31", and 32.25".  It is made from durable carbon steel with a black enamel finish and a decorative scroll design.  
GA29  Sliding Door Stopper  $12.95
Add one Sliding Door Stopper to your shopping cart
Door Stopper
Special Offer  2 or more for $9.95 each.
Dynamo Solar Emergency Radio
GA26 Dynamo Radio Flashlight
 Regularly $39.95  Special Sale price $16.95
Dynamo Solar Radio Flashlight
The Dynamo Solar Radio Flashlight is powered by turning a foldaway hand crank. It can also use sunlight to generate power. Even if your batteries are dead, you will still have an emergency radio and flashlight. As an added convenience it can also be powered by a 12VDC Adapter (not included) or your car lighter socket with a suitable adapter.

It performs three separate functions and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The flashlight will allow you to see clearly at night or during a power outage. In an emergency, the siren and flashing light can be used to summon help. The AM/FM radio has a built-in speaker and the telescopic antenna provides great reception for listening to music, sports, news, or official emergency broadcasts.
Spy Glasses
Spy Sun Glasses
These ordinary looking sun glasses have a special coating that allows you to look straight ahead and still see what is going on behind your back.
GA08 Spy Glasses Regularly $9.95      Special Sale Price   $6.95
Hands Cuffs
Hand Cuffs
Heavy Duty, Double Lock, Nickel Plated Steel Hand Cuffs, Designed for Official Police Use.
Extra Key Included.
Volume Discount
15% off on the purchase of 6 or more
20% off on the purchase of 12 or more

GA12 Hand Cuffs  $12.95
order on-line or by phone