Mace Pepper Foam

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4.1oz. 10% OC Pepper Spray Foam
Pepper Spray Foam will stick to the attacker and spread on contact with the same effect as pepper spray. Mace Pepper Foam is a full strength, 10% OC formulation, and has a Flip-Top Safety Cap. Pepper Foam is more safe to use when windy. Because it spreads on contact, spraying accuracy is less critical and it's more effective in the rain than ordinary pepper spray.
Mace Pepper Foam
PF03   4.1oz  Canister Pepper Spray Foam   $15.99
PS08 Holster for 4 oz. Pepper Spray, $3.99
Foam is effective on those wearing glasses
It is effective on attackers wearing glasses or goggles.
15% off the price with the purchase of 6 or more PF03.
Additional discounts at volumes of 25 and 100.
Key Chain Pepper Foam
This 1/2oz Key Chain Pepper Foam contains high strength Streetwise-18 formula. The foaming agent in the pepper spray causes it to spread on contact making accurate aim less important.  It has a convenient key ring so that you can keep it with your keys. It has about 5 one second bursts and sprays about 6 to 8 feet.
PF05F   1/2oz  Key Chain Pepper Spray Foam   $7.99
Special Offer:   6 or more $6.99 ea.
Key Ring Quick Release
PK05 Key Release $0.79
3oz. 23% OC Pepper Spray Foam
Contains Streetwise-23 OC formulation, the most potent pepper foam available. It has a safety flip top cap to prevent accidental discharge. Pepper Foam does not blowback like standard pepper spray so only those who are sprayed are effected. 
PS73F   3oz Streetwise-23 Pepper Spray Foam   $11.99
3oz 23% Pepper Foam
Special Offer:   3 or more $10.99 ea.   6 or more $9.99 ea.
PS04 Holster for 3 oz. Pepper Spray,  $3.49
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