Hard Shell Key Chain Pepper Spray

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The Hard Case Key chain pepper sprayer is is an economical 1/2oz canister sprayer enclosed in a hard plastic casing. It has a twist lock trigger to prevent accidental discharge. To use, simply twist the trigger and press. It has a key ring so it can be kept with your keys making it available when it is most likely needed. It is a multi-shot unit with an effective range up to 8 feet. This half ounce sprayer holds enough pepper spray for 5 to 8 one second bursts. This pepper spray is available in a Super Hot Streetwise-18 formula  The pepper spray includes ultraviolet identification dye for police identification.
  Streetwise-18 has a Laboratory Tested Certified Heat Rating (CHU) of  180,000 SHU.
  The average of all other brands tested is 123,000 SHU.
PS05H Streetwise-18 1/2oz Hard Case Key Chain Pepper Spray $5.99
Special Offer:  3 or more $4.99 ea.
Key Chain Pepper Spray Black
Also available in these colors. If you have a color preference, please add it as a comment when placing your order and we will honor your request if the color you want is in stock.
Key Chain Pepper Spray Yellow
Key Chain Pepper Spray Red
Key Chain Pepper Spray Purple
Key Chain Pepper Spray Lavender
Key Chain Pepper Spray Blue
Key Ring Quick Release
PK05 Key Release $0.79  Recommended
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