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With 75psi pressure, this 1/2 oz pepper sprayer will shoot up to 8 feet. Each pen contains 15 one second shots and includes ultraviolet identification dye. The product is attractively styled and will clip to a shirt pocket like an ordinary pen.
Fountain Pen Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray Pen
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PS09H  Streetwise-18 Fountain Pen Pepper Spray  $6.99
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Special Offer: 3 or more PS09H $5.99 ea.
Mace Pepper Spray Pen
PS58   Mace Pepper Spray Pen  $14.99
Fountain Pen Pepper Spray
Mace Pen Defender
The Mace Pen Defender is an actual high quality ball point pen with a retractable tip that actually writes. It also contains Mace's high potent pepper spray that will spray up to 5 feet. The Mace Pen Defender is refillable giving it a virtually unlimited usable life. Clip it in your pocket or carry it in your purse as you would any other pen. When you need it for defense, remove the cap and press down on the actuator.  
Mace Pepper Spray Pen
The Mace Defender with the cap removed
Special Offer: 3 or more PS58 $12.99 ea.
The Mace Defender Pen can be refilled approximately six times from a single re-fill canister.  Use the canister to fill your pen as often as needed or to refill multiple pens.
PS58R   Mace Pepper Spray Pen Re-Fill Canister  $9.99
Save by purchasing a Mace Pen Defender and a refill together.
PS58W   Mace Pepper Spray Pen With Re-Fill Canister  $19.99
Mace Defender Refil Canister
The Pepper Spray Pen shown with an actual ball point pen.
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