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18% 3oz Pepper Spray Fogger
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A potent 180,000 SHU Fogger for the Home, Street, or Wilderness. Environmentally safe, non-lethal, made in the USA, and contains UV dye.
Foggers produce a fine mist that can protect you in situations where accuracy is not possible. The are useful when dispersing a group is necessary or defending yourself from a wild or angry animal. To use, spray towards the face area of an attacker or animal, and always be aware of the wind direction when using. Not recommended for indoor use.
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PS72   Streetwise-18  3oz  Pepper Spray Fogger  $11.99
PS08 Large Pepper Spray Holster, $3.99
3 or more PS72  $10.99 ea.
6 or more PS72  $9.99 ea.
  Streetwise-18 has a  Laboratory Tested Certified Heat Rating (CHU) of  180,000 SHU.
  Testing has shown it to be 46% hotter than the average of all other brands tested.
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