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PS60  Mace Home Defender Pepper Spray Gel  $39.99
PS59  Mace Night Defender Pepper Spray Gel  $19.99
PS33 45 Gram Mace Pepper Spray Gel  $16.99
45 Gram Mace Pepper Gel
Pepper Gel is a new, non-flammable, formulation which is suspended in a thick gel giving it several advantages over ordinary pepper spray. It has a longer spraying distance, effective up to 18'. There is less contamination, making it safer to use inside.  Because it is heavy, it is less likely to blow back if spraying into the wind and it sticks like glue. It has the Mace Flip-Top Safety Cap.   This is Mace's Hottest Formula and contains UV Dye.
15% off the price with a purchase of  6 or more PS33
PS04 Holster for 2 oz. Pepper Spray, $3.49
The Mace Night Defender contains high pressure pepper gel, enough for 7 one second bursts with an 18' spray range. It also contains a powerful LED light that is activated when the safety flip top is raised. Use the light to temporarily blind an assailant and improve your aim at night.
Mace Home Defense Pepper Gel
The Mace Home Defender Pepper Gel is the ultimate in home security. This Mace Home Defense Model contains 330 grams, about 12 ounces, of  Mace's hottest pepper gel formula, 1.4% capsaicinoids. The high pressure of this sprayer delivers a stream of pepper gel up to 25'.  Because it's a heavy gel, it's safer to use inside with less contamination to the air. 
Included is a mail-in coupon to receive a free Mounting Bracket.
Mace Pepper Gel
Sticks like Glue
Mace Night Defender
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