Mace Pepper Spray Gun

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The Most Accurate Non-Lethal Defense Weapon Available.
Advanced "Bag-In-A-Can" delivery system will produce a 25' stream.
The Mace Pepper Spray Gun contains Mace's Super Strength (0.74 Capsaicinoids) formula in a 28 gram cartridge enough for 7,  25' blasts. The pepper gun has a trigger activated LED light for better aim and will temporarily confuse an attacker. It also has a safety lever to prevent accidental discharges. Batteries for the LED light are included. This is a rugged self defense weapon with heavy duty steel construction.
PS34  Mace Pepper Spray Gun $49.99
PS34H Pepper Gun Nylon Holster $12.99
PS35 OC Re-Fill 2-Pack $17.99
The Mace Pepper Gun comes with a OC cartridge and a H2O practice cartridge. Additional OC Re-fill Cartridge Pairs can be purchased separately. Each OC Re-fill pack includes 2 OC Cartridges and fresh batteries for the LED light.
Pepper Gun Nylon Holster
Pepper Gun Re-Fill Cartridge
The Pepper Gun can be quickly reloaded with a replacement cartridge.
Shown here is the H2O test cartridge being loaded.
Mace Pepper Spray Gun
Mace Pepper Gun is easy to re-load
Volume Discount
15% off the price with the purchase of  6 or more PS34 or PS35
20% off the price with the purchase of 12 or more PS34 or PS35
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