Stun Guns

D&D Security Products sells stun guns ranging from 5 Million volts up to 11 million volts.  There are large stun guns to intimidate an attacker and small stun guns that can be concealed to surprise an attacker. We have a stun gun disguised as a cell phone and rechargeable stun guns that do not require batteries.  
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Stun Gun Demo Video
Stun Gun Selection

  11 Million Black Out

Top Rated

$29.95 each
15% off 6 or more

  8 Million 

Small Fry Stun Gun

$22.95 each
15% off 6 or more

  5 Million 

Black Out Stun Gun

$19.95 each

 Street Wise Cell Phone Stun Gun

 $19.95 each

10 Million Jolt

$14.95 each

 Perfume Protector

$19.95 each
15% off 6 or more

 Key Chain

 Stun Gun

$23.95 each
15% off 6 or more

 Tactical Flashlight and Stun Gun

from $27.95 each

 Jolt Cell Phone

 Stun Gun

$14.95 each

 Jolt Stun Gun


$19.95 each
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