"I just had to use the spray I bought from you recently on an enraged neighbor who went nuts. He had me by at least 75 pounds is younger and apparently a brawler. Stopped that S.O.B. cold. Restraining order in place now. The product probably saved me since I am a serious cardiac patient."
"I had to use my pepper spray baton last year when a man tried to mug me outside my house.
He got away, but dropped
my purse as a result of  being sprayed. As a young single woman, I never leave the house without it!  I also give one to each of my closest friends."
"My name is Mary Andrews and wanted to make you guy's day a little bit better by telling you a story about how your pepper spray saved me from an attempted robbery.

I am 33 years old and have two beautiful baby boys named Joshua and Samuel who mean the absolute world to me. I am a somewhat small framed woman, at just over 5 feet tall and 110 pounds, and I always knew that my small stature made me a target for all sorts of things, but never something like the story I am about to tell you.

Weeks before this happened, my friend of mine, who was concerned for my safety because of my late night jogs, gave me a can of of your spray, saying, (Joggers are the prime target for rapes and robbery's, especially at night). I had never heard of the stuff, nor was I interested in carrying it around when I jogged at the park. But she insisted upon me carrying it with me wherever I go just in-case I really needed to use it sometime. So I though nothing of it, and threw it to the bottom of my purse where it collected dust for weeks until this attempted robbery happened.

The day this happened it was a dark Saturday, I had just dropped the kids of at my friend Dianne's house, (who baby-sits while I am away). I had been an avid jogger, jogging almost every single Saturday for at least 2-3 years and was getting very toned legs from the constant routine of jogging. I would jog maybe a mile each time I went (keep in mind this park is maybe a half mile long circle, so maybe two laps.) But this particular Saturday, for some reason or another I decided on keeping my purse with me while I jogged. I normally just leave it secured in my car, but I said what the hell and decided on taking it with me while I jogged this time. (What a mistake that will turn out to be).

So I decided to start my jog by stretching out my arms and legs, like I always do, and then I start my jog. I get about half way around the circle, and notice another jogger come from behind me. I'm not going to lie, I clenched my purse a bit, because it was 9:30 at night and people are very rarely there at that time of night. As I continued jogging, out of nowhere he strikes up conversation with me. "Where are you going", he said in a low monotone voice. I said to him "just jogging where are you going". At this moment, I become very tense, "Why would someone ask "where was going", at a park". I continued the jog, with him jogging behind me, and out of nowhere he grabs for my purse. I was FREAKING OUT!!! He tugged as hard as he could for my purse, and I also, with all my might, tugged back, trying to prevent him from getting my purse, "which had a good amount of cash and credit cards in it". I screamed for him to stop. He kept on tugging for it, eventually pulling my purse out of my grip. After I released my grip, I pulled out my can of Mace Jogger Pepper Spray, and just held the spray button down, in his direction. Most of it missed, but probably 30 percent of hit him dead on in the face. He almost instantaneously threw his hands to his face, giving me the time to grab my purse back and run as fast as I could to my car. I couldn't tell if he was chasing me or not, but I doubt it, considering how the piece of s--t grabbed for his eye-balls as soon as the pepper spray made contact. I got into my car and rushed home to my husband. He was also freaking out,  but happy I got the purse back and happy the a--h--e who did it probably wouldn't ever try something like that ever again.

I called my friend back to ask her where she got this stuff, and she said ddsp.com. I feel like without your incredible product, I would have lost thousands and maybe even worse. This guy could have gotten my purse, my id, my kids photos, everything! So I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for creating and selling this pepper spray. I don't know what I could have done without you guys. Your product needs to be in every joggers/runners/bikers/anythings, pocket/jacket/purse because it truly is a life-saver.

God bless you ddsp, God bless you.

All testimonials above are presented as received except the names were changed to protect the identity of our customers. Each has received a free pepper spray for allowing us to publish their story.