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Wireless Camera
The video camera can be mounted inside or outside, mounting screws are included. The power adapter for the camera must be kept inside or sheltered from moisture. The camera will transmit up to 100 feet, depending on obstructions or nearby metal objects. The receiver is connected to a TV or VCR by a single RCA jack cable which is included. The receiver also comes with a AC Adapter that plugs into a standard 110 VAC outlet. Important, you need to be sure your television or VCR has a RCA socket for video input, most do, and it is not being used by other equipment such as DVD, cable, or satellite.
The camera has a swivel mount for ease of positioning. It comes pre-focused, but the focus can be adjusted for a specific viewing range. Both the camera and receiver have adjustable antennas that can be positioned for optimal reception.
Options include a tripod for accurate, high stability images and a battery pack to power the camera for portable or temporary use.
Wireless Reciver
Wireless Receiver Included with WS13 Wireless camera kit.
One receiver will work with up to 4 different cameras selected by switches on the bottom of the receiver.
RCA Cable,
Included with receiver
RCA Cable
Optional Battery Pack 
Holds 4 AA Alkaline Batteries. Good for 4 hours of operation
Optional Tripod
Battery Pack
WS15 Battery Pack  Regular Price $19.99  Special  Sale Price  $14.99
WS13 Wide Angle Wireless Security Camera Kit
 Regular Price $129.99  Special Sale Price  $99.99
WS13A Additional Wireless Security Camera   $49.99
without the wireless receiver
WS14 Tripod  Regular Price $19.99 
 Special Sale Price  $14.99
BAA AA Alkaline Battery $1.50
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