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Wireless Motion Detector
Only 2" by 2", but powerful enough to sense motion up to 20 feet and transmit to a transceiver up to 100 feet away. The Wireless Motion Detector is completely portable and works on 2 AAA batteries, not included. It can be used indoors and it is completely weather proof for use outdoors.
A Wireless Motion Detector is used with the Transceiver Module, included with every Motion Detector Kit. When motion is detected, the Wireless Motion Detector sends a signal to the Transceiver Module. The Transceiver then sends the signal through the building AC wiring to any modules that are plugged in.
Any module, such as the WS68 Lamp module, WS75 Appliance Module, WS76 Wall Socket Module, WS78 Switch Module, or WS77 Chime Module, set to the same code as the motion detector, will be activated or deactivated. The Wireless Motion Detector has an adjustable time delay from 1 minute to 256 minutes to control how long lights remain on after motion is no longer detected. It also can be used to turn on selected lights at dusk and turn them off at dawn. Stop wasting electricity, use it to automatically turn on lights when you enter a room and turn them off after you leave. Mount it near a door to activate a chime in another room when a guest arrives. Use multiple Motion Detectors with a single Transceiver. Each Motion Detector can be set to one of eight codes to activate modules that have been set to the same code.
WS21 Wireless Motion Detector Kit $37.99 
 Includes one Transceiver Module.
WS22  Extra Wireless Motion Detector $24.99 
BAAA AAA Alkaline Battery $1.50
Transceiver Module
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