Flood Light with Motion Sensor & Camera

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Mount the Security Flood Light to the outside of your house or business to illuminate your front yard, back yard, driveway, parking lot, or entrance. The light will automatically turn on whenever motion is detected in it's range. It also has a color video camera with a wireless transmitter to show you exactly what has tripped the motion sensor.
When the Security Flood Light detects motion, the wireless camera is turned on and if it's dark, the Flood Lights are turned on. The motion detector has a range of 20 feet with a 60ยบ field of view. The Security Flood Light Kit is shown above with it's control panel cover open. The controls allow you to set the lights and camera to come on whenever motion is detected, or only when motion is detected after dark. You can also set the time the camera and lights will remain on after motion is detected. The camera will transmit up to 100 feet, depending on obstructions or near by metal objects. The receiver, included, is connected to a TV or VCR by a single RCA jack cable which is included. The receiver also comes with a AC Adapter that plugs into a standard 110 VAC outlet. Important, you need to be sure your television or VCR has a RCA socket for video input, most do, and is not being used by other equipment such as DVD, cable, or satellite receiver.
Wireless Flood Light
Wireless Video Reciver
Wireless Receiver
 Included with kit.
One receiver will work with up to 4 different cameras selected by switches on the bottom of the receiver.
The Security Flood Light will connect to your house or building standard 110 AC wiring and handle up to two 150 watt flood lights, not included.
Flood Light
WS29 Security Flood Light Kit  $99.99
WS29A  Security Flood Light  $49.99
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