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No more fumbling in the dark looking for the light switch. Use this pocket sized remote control to turn on and off lights and appliances in your home or business. Turn on a light in your house from outside when you come home, and turn it off when you leave. Turn on the coffee maker from your bedroom. Turn on or off a light in the basement from the top of the stairs. Dim any lights plugged into a lamp module or wired to a switch module.
Requires CR2016 batteries, included.
The wireless remote control transmits a signal to the transceiver module, up to 100 feet away, which relays the signal through the building wiring system to any module. A dial on the module sets the module to respond to button 1,2,3 or 4 on the remote control unit. When a button on the remote control unit is pressed, any module set to the corresponding button number is activated. Any lights plugged a lamp module or wired to a switch module can be dimmed or brightened with the blue buttons on the remote control units.
Transceiver Module
A Transceiver Module is included with the purchase of either the  4 Button Remote. The Transceiver Modules also has one outlet that is controlled by the remote control unit.
WS64  4 Button Wireless Remote including Transceiver
Regular Price $39.99  Sale Price  $32.99
WS65  Extra 4 Button Wireless Remote
Regular Price $25.99  Sale Price  $19.99
4 button remote control
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