Multi-Function Personal Alarm

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Mini Motion Sensor
It's a Panic Alarm, a Flash Light, and the worlds smallest Motion Detector
If you are threatened, pull the pin on top to set off an ear splitting 100dB panic alarm.
Push the button on the side for a convenient LED flashlight.
Lower the front cover, set it on a flat surface and use it as a motion detector. When the motion sensor function is turned on, there is a 35 second exit delay. When motion is detected, the alarm will sound for 15 seconds and then reset itself. After a 12 second reset delay, if motion continues, the alarm will sound again.
Only 2 ½" tall, it makes the perfect companion to protect you when you travel.
Operates on 3 LR44 batteries which are Included.
Multi-Function Personal Alarm
Multi-Function Alarm
Switches on the side turn on the motion sensor function. The button on top operates the LED light
When the front cover is lowered, it exposes the motion sensor and will sit on a flat surface. It will detect motion up to 10 feet away in a 30º arc.
AL71  Multi-Function Alarm  $9.95
Special Offer:   15% off the purchase of 6 or more.
Multi-Function Alarm
Pull the pin on top to activate the panic alarm
Before using, open the battery compartment and remove the protective battery strip
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