Dual Defense System

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Dual Defense System
The Dual Defense System, like a Taser, is a long range stun gun that has nitrogen propelled electrodes that can strike a target up to 17 feet away. Even if the probes miss the attacker, the used cassette can be popped off and a new cartridges snapped on in seconds and the Dual Defense System is ready to fire another set of electrodes. Even without a replacement cartridge, the Dual Defense System is still a fully functional stun gun that can protect you in close situations. The Dual Defense System comes with all you need. It includes the base unit which can also function as a hand held stun gun, one cartridge which contain the electrodes that are fired out, a practice target, and a 9 volt battery. Approx. dimensions are 6" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/4 ". 100,000 volts.
AT21 Dual Defense System   $195.95
Replacement Cartridges
Replacement Cartridges
AT5  Replacement Cartridge  2 Pack   $99.95
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