7,500,000 Mini Stun Baton

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Mini Stun Baton
This Mini Stun Baton is only 12" long and weighs less than 12oz. It is easier to handle and carry than the full size batons, yet gives you more striking distance than a stun gun. This model includes a wrist strap to make it more difficult to lose the baton in a struggle. It also has a electrified shaft so an attacker can not grab the stun baton to defend himself. It has a powerful LED flashlight to disorient an attacker and will help you defend yourself at night. There is a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, and a nylon holster is included. It is rechargeable and comes with a recharging cord that plugs into a standard AC outlet.
SB75P  7,500,000 Mini Stun Baton Pink  $23.95
SB75  7,500,000 Mini Stun Baton  $23.95
Mini Stun Baton Pink
Also available in Pink
Mini Stun Baton
Mini Stun Baton
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