Police Force Tactical Stun Baton

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Note:   Due to equipment limitation, our test lab has  been unable to verify the manufacture's voltage rating.  However, it's performance is comparable to similar models having  the same rating.
Police Force Stun Baton
SB81  9 Million Police Force Stun Baton  35.95
Police Force Stun Baton
This is a 16 inch metal stun baton made from military grade aluminum. It has a knurled rubber handle for a firm grip, a wrist strap, a quick release ring clip, a powerful LED light, a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, and it is rechargeable with an LED indicator to show the stun baton is charging.  It has a 9 million rating with triple point electrodes to deliver a more effective shock. 
Includes a blinding 3 watt long-life LED flashlight with 5 light modes. Select from 3 different power settings and 2 different light patterns. Use the low or medium power setting to show your way in the dark and conserve battery life. Use the high power setting to temporarily blind your attacker or the strobe function to further confuse and disorient your attacker. It also has a mode that will signal an SOS code to summon help in an emergency.  
Recharging Cord
Recharging Cord Included
Police Force Stun Baton
Police Force Stun Baton Packaging
Ring Clip
Includes a Ring to attach to your belt and a Clip that quickly releases the stun baton when it's needed.
Metal construction makes this stun baton shock proof even when using it as a club to seriously injure an attacker.
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