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Looks like a typical perfume canister but when the cover is removed it becomes a self defense weapon. It's compact size makes it easy to conceal giving you the element of surprise. Touching an attacker and pressing the stun button delivers an incapacitating and painful high voltage shock giving you the advantage in a struggle with an attacker and the opportunity to escape. Many times just the sound and sight of the electrical discharge across the electrodes will make an attacker back away. It has a safety switch and a small but bright LED flashlight. It is rechargeable and comes with a small recharging cord. It is an ideal gift for someone you would like to protect.
Perfume Protector
With Cover
SG85 Perfume Protector  $19.95
Recharging Cord
Recharging Cord, Included
Perfume Protector
Without Cover
Perfume Protector
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