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It looks like a real cell phone, but it's a 3500KV Stun Gun. Only about 4" in height, it is the size of a actual cell phone. What appears to be a camera lens on the upper right corner is actually a high intensity LED flash light to help you see in the dark or disorient an attacker. This stun gun is fully rechargeable and comes with a small recharging cord. It also comes with a protective black felt pouch. There is a safety switch to arm the stun gun and another button to discharge it.  
SG90 Streetwise 3.5 Million Cell Phone Stun Gun  $19.95
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3500KV Cell Phone Stun Gun
cell phone stun gun
Recharging Cord
Recharging Cord, Included
cell phone stun gun
Protective carrying case
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Note:   Due to equipment limitation, our test lab has  been unable to verify the manufacture's voltage rating.  However, it's performance is comparable to similar models having  the same rating.
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