11 Million Volt Black Out Stun Gun

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11 million volt black out stun gun
On of our most powerful stun gun with 11 Million Volts* of power while only 3.5" tall. It's small enough to fit inside your shirt pocket and it's rubberized shell makes it easy to handle and grip.
It has  a bright LED flashlight that can disorient an attacker if directed into the eyes and a leather holster with a belt clip. Both the light and stun gun can be used while inside the holster.
It has a wrist strap with an optional disable pin to prevent the stun gun being used against you if it is taken from you.
It also has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and a red LED indicating the stun gun is charged and armed.  
Black Out  stun gun
To recharge, just flip out the AC prongs and plug into any wall socket.
11 million volt pink stun gun
Note:   Due to equipment limitation, our test lab has  been unable to verify the manufacture's voltage rating.  However, it's output is comparable to similar models having  the same rating.
Also Available in Pink
SG91 11 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun  $29.95
SG91P 11 Million Volt Pink Rechargeable Stun  Gun  $29.95
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15% off the sale price with the Purchase of  6 or more 11 Million Volt Stun Guns
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