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     Stun Guns are an effective self defense weapon used subdue an attacker or defend yourself in a physical confrontation. This guide will provide information on the selection and safe use of a stun gun.
Stun Gun Selection Guide
Today's modern stun guns have voltage ratings up to several million of volts. Manufacture's voltage ratings are highly inflated, but because we are not able to verify or measure the voltage , and to be consistent with our  competitors, we list the voltage on our web site as advertised by the manufacture. Even if the absolute voltage rating is not accurate, a higher rated stun gun is likely to be more powerful than one with a lower voltage rating. In reality, a stun gun having a voltage rating of 100,000 volts can be as effective as one rated several million volts if used correctly. Stun guns with a higher voltage rating usually have a brighter and louder spark making them more intimidating.
Large stun guns can be intimidating but are not more effective than the compact models In recent years the trend is toward smaller stun guns made possible by the miniaturization of electrical components. The smaller stun guns have the advantage that they are easier to conceal. More important than size is the width of the electrodes. Wider electrodes will create a longer current path through more muscle and nerve tissue.
Battery vs. Rechargeable
In the past, all stun guns required alkaline batteries. Today, only a few still use these batteries, others use lithium batteries, but most stun guns are now rechargeable. Rechargeable stun guns are more convenient in that they do not require batteries to be purchased or replaced. They also have an indicator to show that the stun gun is charged. The advantage of battery operated stun guns is that they can be used when there is no opportunity to re-charge a stun gun, and fresh batteries will last longer than the charge of a rechargeable stun gun.
Wrist straps used to be a common feature of the stun gun. Some models still incorporate a wrist strap as a safety feature. They help prevent a stun gun being dropped during a confrontation. The Street Wise stun guns have a pin attached to the wrist strap that will disable the stun gun should the stun gun become separated from the wrist strap. This prevents the stun gun from being used against you if it is taken from you.
     Older Street Wise stun gun models had an integrated alarm for an added measure of defense.
    Most stun guns have a safety switch and will not operate unless that switch is in the on position. This prevents accidental discharge when carrying the stun gun in your pocket.
     Only older stun guns still have a belt clip. Now most stun guns come with a nylon holster and the holster has a belt loop or belt clip.
     A lot of stun gun models have integrated LED lights. They can be used as a flash light to help you identify your attacker in the dark. They can also disorient an attacker by shinning the light directly into the eyes. 
Safety Tips on the use of a stun gun
Be Prepared:
Be aware of your surroundings so that you can anticipate the need for a stun gun. For example, if you are walking through a high crime neighborhood, you see a suspicious person following you, or you are alone at night in a dark area. In these situations, remove the stun gun from it's holster and keep your stun gun in your hand. Turn the safety switch on and place the strap around your wrist. If your stun gun has a indicator light, be sure it's on.
     It's usually a good idea to test the stun gun to be sure it works and the battery or charge is fresh. Briefly press the trigger and look for a spark across the electrodes. Do not fire the stun gun into open air repeatedly or continuously. Excessive testing can damage the stun gun.
Using your stun gun:
Pepper spray is the preferred weapon when you are not in contact with your attacker. The stun gun is used when there is physical contact. If you are grabbed or held by an attacker, the stun gun can be used to break their grip.
     To stun someone, the stun gun must be pressed against the body of the person and held there while the stun gun is being fired. The time it takes to subdue the person will depend on their size and fitness. The most effective location on the body would be the shoulders, below the rib cage, and the upper hip. Don't worry, you will not receive a shock even if you are touching the person being stunned.
     All stun guns will work through light clothing. If the person is wearing a heavy coat, you should try for a more unprotected location on the body like the thigh area.
    Many of today's modern stun guns have a high intensity light. If the light is shinned directly into the attackers eyes, especially at night, the attacker will be briefly blinded allowing you to escape or assault the attacker with the stun gun.
     You should not depend on a stun gun to defend yourself from someone having a firearm, or a knife, or a dangerous animal. You are too likely to be injured or killed before the stun gun is able to subdue the attacker.
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